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How to use Wasabi Storage plugin?

I have recently purchased the Wasabi Cloud Storage plugin by zeroqode. After installing, I find that there are no instructions on HOW to actually use the plugin. I am simply seeking to allow users the normal (upload, download, delete, read) functions associated with cloud storge. Can anyone direct me to instructional information so that I can make this function properly? *A video tutorial depicting the process to set it up in a use case would be great!

I did look at the content provided by zeroqode, but it only instructs how to link to wasabi via an access key and secret key. There are no instructions/information provided to explain HOW to use the claimed features of the plugin. Meaning how do I set it to upload, download, read, etc., files? How do I access the uploaded file URL to store in a database table? I have even reviewed their bubble demo app link, but again it does not explain HOW to use the plugin, just shows some rather confusing depiction of what features it is alleged to allow.

I have spent several hours attempting to no avail. I am also open to any alternative cost effective storage recommendations.

Thank you to anyone that can help.

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