How to "view" a complex expression?

Struggling to document my app when it comes to expressions that are even a little complex, because you have to click on the “search for…” item to view the exact constraints, etc.

Is there a way to “see” a complete expression? I can hand-write the logic (e.g. "search for all MapData where [field [x] = [whatever]), but this gets complicated for anything beyond just that one level of constraint… and even THAT does not appear in the ‘view’ of the expression you see in the expression entry box.

I keep assuming I’m missing something really obvious…

Can’t help you here, but can completely agree that working with any sort of logic in Bubble is unfortunately a massive pain for reasons like the one you mentioned.

Another thing that gets me is when you rename a workflow, you can no longer see the action that it corresponds to. Or maybe I’m also missing something obvious :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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