How to view JSON body of particular fields

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I have a Data Type known as Job which holds quite the selection of fields including:

You can see them in action here:

How can I see the JSON of these fields? I use the Chrome browser if this helps

Thank you

Like this?

Table custom.job {
	_id text [pk, unique]
	"job_title" text
	Workplace text
	"salary_from" number
	"job_skills" text
	"File Attachment" file
	"job_description" text
	"salary_to" number
	"salary_per" text
	"Application Deadline" date
	"Boost Currently Featured" boolean
	"job_duration" text
	Function text
	"job_reference" text
	"recruiter_url" text
	"recruiter_name" text
	"submitted_date" date
	"published_date" date
	"recruiter_email" text
	"salary_currency" text
	"search_keywords" text
	"Application URL" text
	"YouTube Video ID" text
	"Application Email" text
	"organization_name" text
	"created_via_API" boolean
	"new_job_description" text
	"Apply By" option_sets.apply_by 
	"recruit_invoiced" boolean
	"recruiter_telephone" text
	Tags job_tag
	status option_sets.job_statuses
	"job_location" geographic_address
	"published_date_fixed" boolean
	recruiter custom.organisation 
	"job_types" option_sets.job_type[] 
	organization custom.organisation 
	"job_sectors" option_sets.purposes[] 
	"recruit_option" option_sets.utopy_learn
	"List Item - Published" custom.job_search_result 
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Oh!!! Thank you! How did you work out these are the JSON of these fields?

Chrome inspection tool network tab. Interact with the page, open the inspection tool, look for requests that correspond to data interactions, click on one and go to the “Response” tab within the request details.

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Excellent thank you