How to visualize data from a CSV file

I’m building an app that allows user to upload a specific CSV file (every file has the same columns) and show them their data in various charts.

I don’t want to keep anything in the database afterwards, so after their sessions I want to delete any data.

I don’t know how I can take the csv, take the data from it, and use it an aggregated manner

One approach would be:

Create field ‘csvUpload’ in each data type
Use a CSV uploader plugin
Create all of the data for that CSV file
Add a unique ID for this CSV upload that and put that in the csvUpload field for each data object that gets uploaded
When you want to delete it, do a search for things with the relevant csvUpload ID and delete them all (you’ll need a search and deletion for each data type)

But it would be far more efficient to do this all client-side without uploading anything to the database. This is just a thought, but have you explored doing the above but instead of writing the data to the DB, write to states or variables on your page?

So when a CSV is uploaded, display all of column A in repeating group column A, all of column B in repeating group column B? Then you might be able to use these columns to create some charts. Worth experimenting…

How can you display the data from the csv in states?

Also, we’re talking about roughly 4000 rows

Another thing, the data needs to be aggregated.

For example, I want to visualize in a chart the data of column A from all the rows, grouped by column B, and filtering it by the boolean data in column C

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