How to Visualize / Download the data structure

Is there any way to either visualize an app’s data structure, or just download the type fields into a spreadsheet? I reread the “Working with Data” section in the manual and I’ve scoured the forums and plugins, but the only utility I’ve been able to find is the Air Database Diagram. While this is fantastic for showing relationships, I have to exclude the fields due to the size of my data types and quantity of fields.

I’ve been somewhat embarrassed to post this question because it seems like such an obvious feature. But I’ve reached the point where my frustration and need has trumped my pride.

Thank you in advance for any guidance here.

I installed the Air database diagram plugin and that shows that

Thanks for the response @peter4.
My problem is that when I check the “Show Fields” option, the view doesn’t work. I believe it is due to the numerous fields I have in my data types.

Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 5.11.35 AM