How to "work backwards" with your app to move forward more efficiently

Hey everyone!

I have some thoughts on how to improve/streamline your development. I hope they can be helpful as you continue maing progress with your app…

Alright, let’s talk about the concept of moving backwards.

When we start any type of work with clients, it begins with refining the scope of the project.

In order to refine the scope, though, we need a goal.

Now, the first step is to have a goal that actually means something to you.

In other words, your goal isn’t just to “have a million users by 2025” just because it sounds good.

Instead, your goal needs to have substance. It needs to serve a purpose.

Let’s say you do want to have a million users…why?

Why not 500,000?

Why not 100,000?

What will that millionth user do for you that the half-millionth didn’t?

What will that do for you financially and in life (I’m talking literally)?

How will it literally affect you?

Pick a goal you can get specific with because if you don’t, you’ll be reaching for something arbitrary.

Now, once you have that goal, you need to move backwards.

Break that goal down into smaller goals.

So, if your big goal is a 5 year goal, for example, what’s the 3-year goal that’ll get you to the 5 year goal?

What’s the 1 year goal that’ll get you to your 3 year goal?

What’s your 6 month goal that’ll get you to your 1 year goal?

And so on…

Eventually, you’re going to land on your most immediate goal.

If you’re building an MVP app, your immediate goal might be to validate and idea. Or, maybe it’s to get some initial funding.

Whatever that specific goal is, you must use it to create the scope of your MVP because depending on the goal, your scope will be different.

So, if your goal is to validate an idea, you probably don’t need to focus on things like admin dashboards, user settings, or responsiveness.

If your goal is to pitch your idea to investors for initial funding, do you really need the fanciest app possible?

Or let’s say your goal is to get 100 test users on board…do you really need to spend time building features to support 100,000 users?

Of course not.

If you haven’t started moving backwards yet, you haven’t started moving forward – at least not with a clear target in sight.

And that can truly define everything for you.

So, let me ask you…how are your goals broken down, and what path are you following…A specific one, or one that’s app “in your head?”

:face_with_monocle: :thinking:


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