How to write data to database from users slug URL

How to write data to database from users slug.

In url a have user slug …And so a can get user´s info to display in page… but when a non user a visitor is on the page … and send in info from input … how to do this ? eny idees

For visitors temporary users are created by Bubble. If temporary user doesn’t sign up/register - he will be deleted in 72 hours. And you’ll see (deleted thing) value in any Thing temporary user created in your database.

Add a custom state to the page and fill it originally from the slug and if the slug is empty, fill it with the input value.
This way your page data source won’t change

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Tanks a go to tray this!

A can not get it to work with custom state :frowning:

One thing i am thinking about is What can we do if we want to increase the limit from 72hours to maybe few more days is its possible can we do that :thinking:

I didn’t get you question though, but what i get is you want you user to be sent to a page to enter data if slug is empty on current URL.

On page load add a workflow to check and see if the slug is empty of not, if so send the user to input form

see if it help, if not can you explain you situation a bit further i would love to help :smile:

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So what I want to achieve is, the user creates a profile for himself… with all his information and forms… kind of like linktree . And then visitors being able to fill in information in an input without being registered users… that the information is entered into the database to the right user, depending on what the user has chosen for form. The inputs are in a repeating group.

The slug are not emty a use the slug in the url to identify the user…