How would I access a dll API?

I have a service that I want to integrate into my Bubble app, and it’s provided through a dll. I currently have this service working in a C# console application, which I used a service reference to implement. Is it possible to implement a service reference in a plugin in Bubble? Maybe try adding the auto-generated code for the reference as another file there? I’m really not sure, but it was make things much more clean and efficient for me if so!

Has anyone done something like this? I’m new to working with dll files this way, let me know if there’s any more info I can provide.

did you write the library? if you have the code in it, you can place it in an azure function. you might also be able to use it directly in an azure function, which can be written in c# and consumed over http reqs.

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No, I’m just interfacing with it. I’ve built that interface via a service reference in C#, and I was going to do something like Azure functions in C# so the flow would go something like this:

Bubble caalls my Azure function via http req->My Azure function takes data from Bubble’s req and processes it with the dll service reference->My Azure function sends results back to Bubble.

Ideally, however, I’d like to remove the middle man and just reference the dll directly from Javascript within a Bubble plugin. That way I don’t have to deal with Azure functions or anything else.

I’m not real sure if it would work in bubble, or at all for that matter but you could try to use edge.js. what language was the dll built in?

I guess it was built in C# and Visual Basic, because I was given two different ways to access it, one for each. Seems strange to me that a dll can only be used with the language it was written in.

I looked at edge.js but that look like a much more complicated process that Azure as you originally suggested, so I’m looking into Azure right now.