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How would I structure this data type?


  1. There is a repeating group with one column.
    Each column has many rows.
    Each row will have unique text inside it.

  2. There is a second repeating group identical to the first repeating group.
    It has the same number of columns (one) and rows.
    The text however in each of the rows is different to that in repeating group one.

What I want to do:
I want to create a thing that saves in each of its fields the text in a row of repeating group 1 along with its corresponding text from the same row number but in repeating group 2. So for example one of the fields may look like this: RG1 row 3 text + RG2 row 3 text.

Once the thing containing this field is created, I need these two rows to remain separate but in a relationship so that when I search for the one, the other is retrievable as well.

If knowing the use case will shed light on the conundrum let me know and I can share.

To further clarify what I want to be able to achieve:

The reason for saving the two corresponding sentences (one from each RG) is so that if a user ever comes across sentence #1 from RG1 again, sentence #2 from RG2 would be recommended to them. So essentially sentence #x from RG1 = sentence #x from RG2

What, @phrase9… no $50 bounty on this one? :wink:

So, I could easily be way off here, but working from the example I had created for your other thread, I believe I have something working that does what you have described in this post.

I created a new data type called Corresponding Text that has fields called row number, rg1 text, and rg2 text. I have a button in each row of the first repeating group, and when the button is clicked, a new thing is created in the Corresponding Text data type using this workflow…

The result (as I’m sure you can tell) is a newly-created thing that has the current cell’s index from the first repeating group in its row number field, the text from the first repeating group in its rg1 text field, and the text from the corresponding row in the second repeating group in its rg2 text field. At that point, I’m thinking you should be able to accomplish your goal of recommending the corresponding text.

Anyway, like I said, I could easily be missing the mark here because I don’t understand how you are doing all of this stuff in your app, but I didn’t think it could hurt to throw this example out there.


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You make it seem so easy man. Thanks a million this works!

The only change I made was I put the save button in the second RG as it serves my use case better. I will tinker on the relationship tomorrow and retrieval of sentences but this is a big obstacle out of my way. The use case is something similar to a glossary just in case you were wondering.

As I mentioned in my last thread, I am up to complicated (for me) shenanigans with this app I am building so more bounties will more likely than not be on their way.

You are a life saver, thanks bro

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Now that was funny… thanks for the laugh, man.


While we’re on the subject of two repeating groups side by side, let me try my luck.

Is there a way to make it that when you scroll down the rows of either one of the RGs that the other RG scrolls down to the same point simultaneously?

There is probably a way (even if it involves custom code), but I sure as heck don’t know what it is.

I’m assuming the repeating groups are set to Vertical scrolling, but if they are side by side and they were both set to Ext. vertical scrolling, wouldn’t it do exactly what you are describing (i.e., as the page is scrolled down, both repeating groups would simultaneously expand)?

Hmm Ext. vertical scrolling is actually close to what I was picturing thanks.

But after comparing it to Vertical I think I will just stick to vertical because in the case that the amount of text in one of the RG segments is longer than its equivalent in the other RG, they lose their alignment, but in Vertical scrolling the user can manually scroll them to line up beside each other, whereas Ext. vertical scrolling doesn’t allow for that.

And I don’t think it too important a function for now to invest time into custom code.

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two multiline inputs per row in one RG would have been ideal but the data source for the two inputs is different

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