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How would you design a dynamic registration form?

I have an app where users can register to attend a ticketed event, where for each ticket purchased I need to collect information (10+ fields) from each attendee ticket. I have it set up so that a user can select from a drop down how many tickets they want (max 20 for now).

My question is, how would you suggest structuring the registration form to collect all of this data, while keeping in mind the optimal way to create workflows to save all this data?


  • I thought about a repeating group, which would work great to reflect the number of tickets purchased, but unsure of how easily data is saved using this?

  • Also thought about creating all the forms (would be around 20 max tickets) and using conditions to show the correct amount (time consuming, cluttered page maybe?)

A major consideration is that there are 4 states that are possible when registering, so to create a workflow for every situation would be 80 different workflows to create! (state 1 and 1 ticket, state 1 and 2 tickets, etc.)

I just found out about Custom Workflows (finally) while making the ‘shopping cart’ functionality thanks to AirDev, so thought I might find some more wisdom from our community

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