How would you design this?

Hey everyone,

A question about how you would design this functionality, I’ve done a version 1, but I don’t like it. I’ve played with a kind of “inbox” but everytime I do, it looks shit.

For context, I have a CRM type application.

I want to show a list of “engagements” (emails, calls, messages etc), against each customer.

It needs to be easy to separate each customer so that you know exactly which engagements you’re looking at. It’s important that you can get to any customer’s engagements on the same page and I’d prefer to not have to apply a filter.

Within each engagement, I want to show basic details:

Associated Contacts (like in an email)
Type (Option set)
Created Date

Any ideas welcome (screenshots of something similar are even better)

Are you familiar with repeating groups?

Yes sorry I should have clarified

I’m looking for advanced design ideas as opposed to “how to do it”.

Really my issue is getting the layout to look good, be easy to navigate and show all the important details

Have you seen the UI kits at UntitledUI and BetaCRM may be good bets.

No I haven’t but this looks like it could be right up my street.

Thanks Matt.