How would you do a typeform clone?

Hi all,

The title might be missleading but I had to keep it short, so please here is a little more context:
I am doing a tool for shop owners (my clients) to create satisfactory forms for THEIR clients.
I want my client to be able to :

  • define as many questions as he wants
  • expected answers to the questions can be yes-no / text / or number type
  • questions are displayed in a categorized way, each category having a name

I am struggling finding an optimized way to do this.

What I’ve tried
I’ve tried having my forms stored in 3 tables: form / questions / answers
The “questions” table would store the type of question, the category of the question, the number (in which it is displayed inside the category).

My issues
1- I find my whole logic and code super clumsy and very very error prone
2- it may quickly become slow
3- I can not really display well the questions in the defined order (because of the categorisation of the questions)

My question

  1. how would you implement such a feature ?
  2. so far I am doing my maximum to stay plugin-free and only use native Bubble. But are there any plugins that could help me?

Best to you

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