How would you go about building a Net Promoter Score Style input system

I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure this out… Any advice on how you’d implement something like this?




Slider should work as a native element.

Otherwise a list of numbers from the Toolbox Plugin and a Repeating Group.

If one is going to do this a lot you could also create a data type called “Rating List” or similar. It should be like this:

Then use App Data tab to create just one of these things like this:

Now you have a thing in the database that always has this handy list of integers 1 through 10. (Note: there should always only be one of these objects. You’re making a system-level variable here, essentially.)

Then, to use this thing, just do a search for it. Since there’s only ever one you can take :first item and don’t need to worry about sorting. So here’s an RG where we use that as the source:

(That text element just displays “Current cell’s number” - we could also use “Current cell’s index” as they are the same values in this scenario.)

In run mode:

And geez, this is so easy, let’s just finish the whole thing:

Take that text and right-click it. Choose “Group elements in a group”. This’ll give us a group we can expand to act the “selector” for the cell. We’ll use that as the thing to catch user clicks. Group is like this:

And that text is like this (note “this element is not clickable”. That’s important. We don’t want the text to intercept clicks, only the group:

Now let’s put a click action on the Group Rating Selector. Click Start/Edit workflow on that group. What we’ll do is when clicked we will store that group’s number in a custom state on the RG. We’ll call it Selected. The action is Element > Set State. You can interactively define this new state in the dialog box:

Now let’s style up that Group a bit back in Design mode. We’ll use conditions to set a hover state and also light up the group in a different color if that is the cell that has been clicked (and thus its value is stored in RG’s Selected state):

Here’s how that looks in run mode: The user is hovering cell 3 and has previously clicked cell 7 (the number 7 is stored in the RG’s custom state called “Selected”, see?)…


Now you can do whatever you want with the RG’s Selected value. In my case, I’ll just display it in a text. But obviously you could have the Group’s click workflow write that value into some thing in the database or whatever you need. Here’s an idea:

In run mode it starts like this:

And then you click “10”, because this is a freaking awesome forum reply:


Would I just “hide” the numbers if I don’t want them to show? Originally I had put icons to act as the clickable objects set as little circles. I want to sum up the results to apply to an algorithm. It just needs to be a repeating group right?

Gabby JUST posted a video doing the exact thing Im attempting to do. I think its VIP access (membership eyes only), but if you stumbled onto this thread you can check out her video here. Very much worth the monthly subscription.


I was literally looking for this exact system as I am building a project based learning g platform. Kudos for the detailed walk through!


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