How would you handle this DB?

Hello! I am looking for some guidance with my DB.

I have two data types; ‘podcast’ and ‘podcast sponsors’

A ‘podcast’ could have many ‘podcast sponsors’ and a ‘podcast sponsor’ could be associated with many ‘podcasts’

I want to have some sort of DB or way that I can have all my sponsors and then I can go to a podcast and just add the sponsor and it will populate the remainder of the info.

For example, in airtable you can link records so I could have two tables one with podcasts and one with sponsors. Then I can quickly go to a podcast and just add the sponsor name and the rest of the info (email, title, linkedin, etc) automatically populates.

In bubble, I have to manually upload spreadsheets and it becomes very time consuming.

How can I achieve this?

Exactly as you said. Podcast Sponsor DataSet has sponsor info.

Podcast has a list of Podcast Sponsors within. You do not have to upload spreadsheets or reproduce the podcast sponsor information. If you are doing so you are going about this all wrong and should read the Bubble manual.