How would you structure the db for this app?

For this app I have a bunch of employees & every week I’ll receive a new spreadsheet with employee names and a bunch of info related to their performance.

The amount of data would make it very tedious and mistake ridden if it were input manually.

How would you approach setting up this info in the db?

If the data on the spreadsheet is all accurate, I’d upload it into the database as a CSV file

Thanks, I’ve rephrased the Q to how would you set up the info in the db. Agreed, uploading a csv is preferred.

I think the structure would depend on what you want the database to do with the data once its uploaded.

Yes, more information on the performance data would help here, but based only on the information you’ve provided, you could have an Employee thing and a Report thing that has an employee field of type Employee, along with a report date field and fields for each performance measure, assuming there is a limited and finite set and one value per measure for an employee in a single report.

Oh what glory! I thought linking an Employee Thing to Report Thing would require the Employee Thing to have a Reports fields made of Reports.

And so how does one create those links via csv upload?.. you don’t!

Thanks for the answer and enlightenment!

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