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Howler being triggered by Data

How do I make it so that when a new group of data is added, In my case a 911 call, it will play a howler on another page every time a call is added and not just the first time.

I’m not sure I completely understand your scenario here, but if you’re looking to monitor the number of records in a database on a page, you can set up a workflow to trigger anytime the total count in the database changes.

Let’s say you set a state on the page called “record count”, which is a number of all the records of a specific type/search. This runs on page load. Then you set up a Do when workflow that triggers whenever the count of a search differs from the state you saved on page load.

That triggers the ‘howl’, and updates the number in the custom state so that it’s ready to react again the next time a new record is added.

That’s one possible solution, but I have have misinterpreted your setup here.

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