HTML Bug in Repeating Group

I am having a HTML in a repeating group doesn’t give accurate data. Can anyone help me with this? Am I doing something wrong.

Please take a look:

I haven’t shared the editor before so I am not sure how to do it. Let me know if that works.

@romanmg Hey Gaby, do you know anything about this? I am trying to make my printable pages view better but without this I feel like I cant do it.

hey @jklabbatz - you’ll just need to go into Settings > General > Application rights and open them up to View only so that we can take a look at your editor.

Hey, I don’t see that under general and applications rights… Do I need to have it on a paid plan?

Sorry, the setting is Everyone can view, not View only
No you can do that on any plan.

What am I missing here?

Odd - you would normally find a General section above General appearance. Is that the same for your other apps?

Ya, it happens in my other app, I think I know why.

@Emmanuel is there a way to get my apps to be off template?

I had it on to see how it was like but want to go back to a non-template type now. I took it off but I think it still thinks its a template because of the message I get when I start up the editor. Hope this can be changed.

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