HTML(iframe) in Repeating group

Hi, I’m trying to display maths equation in a repeating group using Mathjax in an HTML element inside the repeating. But when the content is long enough then the scrollbar comes and it looks pretty bad. Now if I keep the height of the repeating group very long then there remains a long gap when the content is short,
Instead of displaying it in an iframe, I tried using the option “Stretch to fit content” but in that case, the equations are not being rendered in real-time, I have to refresh each time a new repeating group’s element is inserted. Please help!!!

I know it’s been a while, but did you ever figure this out? I have a bunch of MathJax equations in a RG, but only the first one renders. The others display the $ symbols and just look like text. Making it an iframe does the same thing with the scroll bars and it doesn’t work for what I want to do. Any help is appreciated!

FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT. And oh boy is it so simple. Literally just needed to add the following code to the end of each of my HTML texts. No need for an iframe. Each time the dynamic HTML text updates, it runs the script (I assume)