HTML Logic (how does it connect together)

Hi All,

I’m struggling with several issues around html video uploads. I can get the html video file to upload (sort of) but I’m trying to have them all display in a repeating group on a submission page.

This is what the upload popup looks like:

This is the repeating group that is supposed to display them:

I have another HTML cell in the repeating group:

HTML does not allow for a workflow so I placed a group element over the HTML cell in the repeat group:

And set that group element to open a video playback page with a larger html player displayed:

The video playback player is set within a group that is configured like so:

I can’t seem to connect them all in the right way. When I upload a video it looks like this:

When I click on the uploaded video it takes me to the playback page but no video is loaded. My data field for the video content is simple (maybe too simple):

Sorry for the long post but I hope it’s not too confusing. I want to be able to upload videos, display in a repeat group; click a video in the group to play video on playback page (or popup video player it doesn’t matter). I’ve been watching hours of tutorials and reading the Bubble manual but it’s hard to make heads or tails of how all of these things (Type of Content; Data Source; Workflows) are supposed to interact. Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Does the “Current cell’s file” in the HTML return a URL? That HTML tag should have a URL in the src attribute. Is there an option for “Current cell’s file’s link” or something like that?

Yes. It allows me add on either the “file name” or the “url”. I actually got it to work but now I have different problem. I can only get it to play in my video player when the Data Source & Workflow 's are as follows:

When the HTML video is clicked:

The group that contains the larger HTML video player:

The larger HTML video player:

It will now let me play the video but it only lets me play the first one. If several videos are downloaded/displayed in the repeat group and you click on any one of them, only the first one will play. I know this because the both the workflow and data sources both end with “first item” but this is the only option that worked at all. I don’t know what configuration it should be set to that will let me play any video I select.