HTML Tags for other elements than text

Is there any way to set hmtl tags for other elements than text?
I want to create a proper login form, using best practices as form tags and input label.
But it looks like bubble wont let me change html tags for most elements and I couldn’t find a native solution for that as well.
Is that some missing feature?
Is there a better approach that I am missing?
(I’m new at

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Welcome to the community @goulartnogueira :wave: Traditional dev best practices may not apply here in bubblandia

Are you having issues with your current login form or some specific behavior you’re looking for?

Bem vindo, @goulartnogueira .


If you’re looking at login forms, I did some research in the past, looking at 1password’s and Apple’s tip. The best I could summarize is to add unique ids to both the username and password fields.


I’m using a Canvas template and I noticed that my browser correctly recognizes the password field, to save and auto-fill. But it misses the login field.

In a quick research, I found that we should always use the proper html tags (forms and labels).
And that should improve:

  • Acessibility
  • Automation (like auto-fill)
  • SEO

I’m just starting to use and I want to understand what are the limitations of the technology.