Hubspot Forms Not Embedding in Bubble

Hi all — I’m having a similar challenge the problem outlined in a previous post that was close without resolution: Hubspot form in Bubble

Basically, hubspot’s HTML embed for forms doesn’t work in Bubble and I’m unsure why. Has anyone else solved this problem? The suggestion that was used in the post above is not working for me.

Hey! Me and my team were having trouble with this to. We ended up just using Zapier with the bubble MailChimp plugin where Everytime a MailChimp user was added via the plugin it would initiate our Zap and add that same person into Hubspot. Seems like what you are looking for can be done using the same solution!

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Thank @Joeatduct. We’re trying to get rid of Mailchimp but I’m guessing I’ll be able to do the same thing with Zapier. Very frustrating that it doesn’t work though…seems pretty basic to be able to embed the form.

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Faced with the same problem, I finally discovered that the possibility of putting a script in the header was reserved for paid plans…

lo mejor es entrar al form en hubspot y sacar el share url asi lo puede integrar como un iframe en el elemento html