Huge Amount of Data on Empty Pages

Something strange seems to be happening to my site, with huge amounts of data (resources) being sent to my page, but they seem to be hidden from the network monitor, so I can’t even attempt to pinpoint them.

There’s no media or anything like that in my site that could be doing it - the only thing that has recently changed is an option set that contains about 500 items, but even deleting half of the entries does not change the resources at all (shouldn’t make a difference anyway, since it’s just simple text)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I have also tried copying the site, optimizing it, stripping out all plugins, iteratively deleting databases, and now pages, and I still have the same problem - a minimum of 5MB is being sent the the browser every time

Hello! This is certainly and puzzling issue. In order to trace this to it’s source we’ll likely need more information about your app than would be safe to share in public. In order to investigate this properly it might be best if you Submit a Bug Report so a member of our team can dig in and give you a detailed answer.

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