I’m trying to use the plugin to locate and verify / score email addresses that are found using the Bing Search plugin on my application but for some reason can’t get it to work properly…

Am I missing something? (I’m new to this all - so please be patient…)

I have a repeating group to display the various data points of the Bing search results - which users can search for using an input element.

The Bing search results seem to work properly - at least all the data points that I’m nesting inside of the repeating group seem to display.

However; the issues begin when I try to utilize the Hunter plugin to locate, validate and display the email addresses of those businesses.

I’ve used Hunter as a Chrome Extension in the past; knowing that you can use the current website address to ‘extract’ emails (in this case; dynamically populated by the URL of each search result)

Do I display the Hunter results inside of their own repeating group and nest that inside of the repeating group showing the Bing results?

Any time an email address is displayed in the results - it’s always my own. The one that I used to create my Hunter account… The deliverability score is always the same.

Can some kind soul guide me through this? I’m not sure if I have enough hair on my head (that’s not been ripped out from frustration) to keep at it. LOL.

Please & Thank You.