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Huracan Solutions

Huracan Solutions, Has Had a Rough start towards 2020! We was founded in 2019 by Justin J. dedicating to proudly offer you advanced quality products.
Here at Huracan Solutions we are committed and devoted to offer you variety of products to effectively support your needs in a cad. Huracan solutions Sets a example to all new companies wanting to start there own and to show what you can do in a short period of time! We have expectations and we up hold the trust of our customers wishes!

Occasional Giveaways & Other Giveaway Draws

Highly Trained Staff Team with respectfull qualities!

Listing channels to advertise your servers

We have a free cad system for everyone to use to make there Roleplay experience even better if they cannot afford a cad yourself!

Huracan Solutions Provides

(CAD/MDT) Special ones
Web Application Systems



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Huracan Solutions Is the goat meaning they are great as f*ck.


Thank you :heart:

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50% Discount on all products

We are currently Doing a Massive 75% Blowout!

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Very good company 10/10

Thank you!

We are currently selling DOJRP + OCRP cad(s)

Being a staff member in HS I have been able to learn more about the company, its developers etc. Having spoken with the lead developer in the past I find him confident and competent in the area of Bubble utilization and integration.

I have the upmost respect for Huracan Solutions and this is a sure fine company to lean on for all of your FiveM CAD needs. They offer many possible solutions, as well as other solutions such as graphic design work and among other things.

Whether you area veteran at using Bubble or a new user, Huracan Solutions has proven they are there for their end user when it comes to their supporting products. I’ve also found that Huracan Solutions has probably the best prices you are going to find anywhere for the products being sold. But don’t just take my words as law, do the research yourself you will as well draw the same conclusion.

-Steven R. | HS

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Most respected out here!

Check us out

Our free cad:

Quick update our Free cad system is blowing up with all support! Check us and the CAD out!

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yes very good I send money, they give me good product

Great company. I have worked with these guys for months and they’re great. I’ve got products and they are great

The greatest community out there with a amazing CAD! 10/10 would recommend!

Great Company! Been with them for about a year or more they treat staff respectfully! Recommend Joining! And plus Justin is a dad to


Hello my name is Richie P. I work at Huracan Solutions as the CHRO, I am happy to help with anything i can possibly do, we are here to help out customers through the best the worst and their down times, when u buy our cads you get fast and reliable service, we deal with tickets as fast as possible to move on with the day, we are legit as can be we love what we do and we will continue to run this network the same way we always do and get our jobs done, the correct way and only the correct way, Anyway I am done typing my life away soooo, Have a good day, DONT forget to join us at,

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