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💻 Huracan Solutions | Exclusive CADS | Cheap CADS | Limited Addition Giveaways | Discord servers | Free partnerships | Boosting rewards | Challenges for CADS | Highly active Community | Most Trusted & Biggest Company Around

:computer: Huracan Solutions :computer:

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- Are you tired of Wasting your money on cads everyone has!

- Are you interested in Cheap, Reliable CADS?

- Huracan Solutions is the Place for you!

:pushpin: Huracan Solutions, Is a company what offers Advanced CADS for reasonable prices for all users to Enjoy! :pushpin:

:pushpin: We host giveaways for users to win limited edition items, Including nitro’s or cads! :pushpin:

:pushpin: By buying from Huracan Solutions, You are 100% protected by all purchases you make. All transactions are refundable if we offer a broken product. :pushpin:

:pushpin: We also host custom Server Events Meaning, Deal’s of the day, Booster Deal’s of the day, Text Level rewards Meaning you can simply text and earn cads! :pushpin:

:pushpin: Here at Huracan Solutions, We offer 24/7 Support. Meaning whatever you need help with. The Staff Team is here to help with your issues! :pushpin:

:pushpin: Huracan Solutions is always looking for new faces on our Staff Team. If you think you have the experience and time to answer tickets and help out! Come Join!

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Why should you join Huracan Solutions? :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

Huracan Solutions has been around since June 2019, We have served over 1000s of members and had 100s of sales & Members buying our cads, Our community is massive, Over these past couple of months we have grown bigger than any other company. As of today. We are still the biggest CAD Company to be around! Huracan Solutions is also one of the most safest Companies to buy from. We Treat all our Customers & Members the same to ensure we are fair. Our community loves to interact and leave positive reviews, If we don’t agree then as a community we find ways to change things to be fair!

:cyclone: 24/7 Customer Support :cyclone:

Huracan Solutions is one of the fastest places for support and help! If you have a issue with
a CAD or even just need simple server support! Here at HS we help with anything you require. Our Staff Team is always online, So don’t be afraid to DM or open a ticket!

:warning: What we offer at Huracan Solutions? :warning:

Here at HS, We offer a active community! The server always likes to interact with our members in our public chat, To talk about issues or any concerns they have. HS offers Advanced CADS, These CADS are for Communities who want to step up in the Roleplay Scene. HS CADS are very new and unique. We also do Events hosted by our Staff Team so we can interact more with our members and give them rewards for them being in our server. Boosting our server is another big way to get CADS instead of paying. It’s not always about paying!

:fleur_de_lis: Huracan Solutions Partnerships :fleur_de_lis:

Huracan Solutions is the Number #1 Place to get partnered and get easy members! We offer a Free Partnership for all Servers, No matter what they are. By being partnered with HS, Means you will be more attracted by our community, HS also offers tiered Partnerships meaning if you want more members and more people to look at your community. Then i ask you go to our partner info!

:part_alternation_mark:Huracan Solutions Social Media & Links :part_alternation_mark:

Huracan Solutions:

YouTube Channel:

Free CAD:
Come Join


Vouch +1. Amazing quality CAD/MDT system for the cheapest possible price. The premium CAD had all features for just £1.50 and they have amazing staff also who are keen on supporting customers!

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Some people never change, I mean, take this lad for example… Legit messed up.

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I would appreciate you respect peoples posts and move on. Before you make a real bad reputation for yourself.

Also it’s *Messed up

Thanks for the correction, although, according to what the bubble TOS stand for the act of spamming and advertising is flaggable. Therefore, given that it could violate such lines it’s your of best interest to quit filling up this category with nonsense, allow the category to have some fresh air as it’s seems to be fallen down and beaten to death by people such as yourself - By using the platform for website development as a way of advertisement and making a bad image of the Cad/MDT community.

I beg you pardon? Half (if not all) of your community account is posts that just include the word “Bump” 'bout a hundred times and some form of advertisement. Looks bad on your side.

Sadly, I’m unable to move on as threads such as this keeps on coming up on my feed - I would appreciate if you respect the community and avoid posting threads such as this and move on from this category.

I’m ashamed to be apart of the community within it are certain people that fail to understand that this forum category isn’t your advertisement centre


You must create an account to access the Platform’s application creation features. You are responsible for keeping your account credentials secure, for all acts that occur under your account, and for the acts of anyone who accesses the Platform on your behalf. You may use the Platform to create applications for your customers. You can’t use the Platform for illegal purposes, to post pornography or

hateful content, harass others, or do anything else your mother would not approve of.

This is what you are doing to all these people just wanting to do there own thing. Please respect people’s posts and don’t comment anymore unless it’s to help people. I advise you to stop before all these people report you to bubble for breaking TOS.

As you seem to be so knowledgeable about the terms of service of the Bubble website and platform please do make proper quotes of where it says a thread cannot be bumped within a specific amount of time and/or where it states that a forum thread cannot have repetitive phrases in it.

For your convenience I have linked below the bubble terms of service.

I actually personally agree with the company representative above. You sir are of course free to state your opinion as long as it doesn’t become excessively abusive in nature. If you do not wish to be a part of a community then leave it, and move on. It’s quite that simple.

I’m not sure what exact issue you have with the representative nor do I really care. However, I have no qualms in reporting users who I feel are being delinquent, hateful, and so forth.

He might have mistaken the TOS for the Forum Guidelines (Re:

Always Be Civil

  • Respect our forum. Don’t post spam or otherwise vandalize the forum.

The screenshot below shows the flagging options on the Bubble Forums:

Ye exactly we bump our posts every 7 days. You are complaining about something we aren’t doing. I would appreciate if he wouldn’t comment on my posts when we are following the rules. If he disagrees then he can report us simple as and not complain on our posts, Thank you for your time.

Apology for mistaken the TOS with the Forum Guidelines - Although my point still stands. Thank you.

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To be fair, you do this in multiple threads. I have linked some examples below. It junks up this category so no one can find much besides you’re threads as you reply with “Bump.” At least be a bit mindful of others :slight_smile:

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@johnny @NullByte I understand you guys are trying to make this forum. Better i respect that honestly, But I haven’t bumped my forum for the last 7 days and I only just have. I hope you can see this from my point of view, Apology if it come off wrong.

I definitely see where you are coming from. All I am asking is for you and the other forum members that post in this category to be mindful when you post a thread. Does the thread really match what this category is for? Does it junk it up for other users in the community?

Mindfulness is all I’m asking for.

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Yep I understand that. But we can all agree bubble and the people in charge of this forum. Will do absolutely nothing about it, Which in my opinion is the reason it’s killing this forum out anyway. I will keep this in mind. Thank you for your time!

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Yup, I believe they probably receive many reports, we just need to get their attention.

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My advise is just to make a post about how we can consider making this forum a better place? What we can do to not make it full of advertisements and what the bubble team can do to take action on the users breaking TOS.

Network Announcement Part 2

As of today all HN blacklists will be removed, It is time to make a change within HN in general, In order to represent our community, We can’t be doing that by blacklisting Servers/Members, Just because we disagree with there actions or they have done something to another server, We apologise to anyone in advance who has been through this. HN Does not want a toxic environment, We want to be the home for CADS and the place to ask questions about different things.

I know this has took us so long to understand by what actually “Blacklisting” someone means. We don’t want to hold that reputation anymore and that’s why as of today we will be removing all bans/blacklists what are currently in affect! This decision is something all HN Staff agreed to, To ensure our future within this wonderful CAD Industry! From now on, As of today anyone who causes issues for any HN server, Will be remained banned and no further action will be taken on users/servers. This hopefully means with anyone who is blacklisted/banned can start fresh within HN to start new relationship’s and new future partnerships within HN! Our goal from the beginning was to bring peace and a safe environment for everyone to enjoy! That’s why i urge every single person who disagrees with us or dislikes us or is banned. To start fresh!

We want to know your guys opinion on how we can change as a community and as a family! So if you join back, Don’t be scared to put your opinion on us in general chat or server suggestions, Opinions are opinions and here at the network, We are here to respect them!
Thank you all

President Of The Huracan Network
Justin J

50% sale going on all of HN products and servers! Come join HS now!


Deals on for the next week