Hydra Tech CADs

Hello there! I’m Evan and I run the Hydra Tech community server. What Hydra Tech does is provide a place for people to chat on discord engaging in conversations and meeting new people while our staff team provides support for our CADs while gaining staff experience in a non-strict environment, while myself sells my CAD to make a quick buck here and there! All of this together creates Hydra Tech, providing great quality CADs, support for CADs, staff gain experience, and members chat and make friends and obtain the only CAD they will ever need that is regularly updated with no included costs, just one-time payment for the CAD and done! Everybody at Hydra Tech gains at least something whether it’s a CAD, a friend, or staff experience.

•CAD Plans (one-time payment)
Free - $0
Starter - $2
Pro - $5
Ultimate - $10

•Daily / semi-daily giveaways
We currently have a giveaway for 85% all plans, that makes our best plan just $1.50!

•Regular CAD updates

•24/7 CAD Support

•Friendly respectful members & staff

•PayPal secure payments (do not enable goods/services it takes 9% off what I receive, if you really wanna feel save then you can but you must pay 9% extra to cover it)

Plan specific restrictions:
4 Departments
30 Members
1 Server
1 Division
1 District
1 Station
3 AOPs
Limited Department Management
Limited Community Customization
30 Laws
No Community Roster
No Code Invite

6 Departments
70 Members
2 Servers
10 Divisions
5 Districts
3 Stations
5 AOPs
Limited Department Management
Limited Community Customization
100 Laws
Included Discipline
No Code Invite

6 Departments
125 Members
5 Servers
15 Divisions
10 Districts
8 Stations
10 AOPs
Unlimited Department Management
Unlimited Community Customization
Unlimited Code Customization
200 Laws
Unlimited Community Roster

Ultimate CAD
10 Departments
No Member Cap
Unlimited Servers
Unlimited Divisions
Unlimited Districts
Unlimited Stations
Unlimited AOPs
Unlimited Department Management
Unlimited Community Customization
Unlimited Code Customization
Unlimited Community Roster
Unlimited Laws
Included Custom Invite

CAD Features:
•Modern design
•Easy to use
•Unlimited call-signs
•10 Departments
•Custom invite link
•Personal stats
•Community stats
•Account settings
•Two factor authentication
•Steam hex
•Administration panel
•CAD info overview
•Detailed used management
•Detailed community roster
•Detailed CAD customization (logo, name, abbreviation, state name, judge name, game map link, access password, discord link
•Patrol settings (sub-divisions, districts, areas of patrol)
•Department management (unlimited departments, customizable department logo, abbreviation, name, and edits)
•User approval queue
•Unlimited servers (editable to change to online/offline)
•Civilian persona count limit toggle button
•Customizable unlimited codes
•Customizable criminal codes
•Ride-along patrol configuration
•Dark mode/Light mode
•NCIC Person Search
•NCIC Vehicle Search
•Reports (written warning, citation, fix-it ticket, arrest report, incident report)
•Criminal code view page
•Codes view page
•Self-attach call
•Panic button
•Zulu time
•Active AOP
•Drag & Drop unit attaching for dispatch
•Emergency traffic button
•Channel hold button
•All dispatch tools
•Cool-down feature
•Civilian license
•Vehicle center
•Firearms center
•Criminal history
•Medical profile
•Priority start button
•Unlimited civilian profiles (unless admin toggles a limit to them in settings)
•Mobile friendly
•Much much much more!
Regularly updated as well,

Discord Invite:

Home page and community dashboard screenshot to display how it is designed:

If you have any questions feel free to reply to the topic or create a support ticket in the discord!


how do i make a cad for free

We offer a free plan on our CAD, just join the discord server linked and create a support ticket.

Hello! If you are concerned about this users comments, please let me clear it up with the archive. :slight_smile: