Hydra Tech | Free CAD/MDT

Hello! Hydra Tech is offering four plans on our system which is a very modern, professional, feature-packed, and overall amazing CAD for free. We also have three other paid plans ($2, $5, $10) that come with additional perks if you are interested in those plans.
This system was originally built from elsewhere previously named “Old Overseer” and/or “Aurora CAD” and it contained many issues. After we purchased reseller permissions of the system, we resolved all of the issues making it functional, implemented new features, revamped/updated the design, enhanced the back-end workflow, and much more practically rebirthing this new system! The Hydra Tech development team still launch updates with enhancements, and new features to ensure it’s up to your community standards.

You can check it out, create a DEMO of the free plan, ask questions, and anything else you may be concerned and/or curious about with the links below:
(also you can reply to this post if you feel more comfortable that way, typically this account is checked daily/semi-daily for new messages and replies)

Another thing you should know, we just implemented self-creation abilities for our paid plans! What this means is that you can now create any plan completely by yourself instantly!
We already did this for the free plan, but now you can create paid-plans instantly and pay later (only if you like it of course)!


Discord Invite:

We have implemented many new features today!

•Global chat
•Advanced department management
•Community academy database
•Non-emergency 911 calls
•Community Direct Developer Notifications
•Economy system
•Government MDT

Does anybody have any questions or concerns? We’d be happy to help.
Also, if you are interested in this system we highly recommend joining the Discord server linked above as we update the system very often and you can view all of the update logs as well as important announcements regarding the system.

We personally hope you all have a pleasant Wednesday afternoon!

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Looks Great!

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Thank you so much! We appreciate the positive feedback!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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My discord is rockhero01#8660 I really need a CAD for my community!

Hello! Our sincere apologies for the delayed response, personally day-to-day activities have been very hectic.

A friend request has been sent to your account, hoping to hear from you!

We have updated our system with many new features, our most exciting new addition is discord integration!

I wanted to inform anybody interested of this update as the feature mentioned is a key factor in many community owners CAD search.

Join our Discord server to stay-up-to-date on the latest ChangeLog, discounts, and announcements.