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Hydra Tech | Premium CAD/MDT

Hello, I’d like to introduce Hydra Tech’s Bismuth CAD. We are offering four plans within our system. Our system is a modern & professional CAD/MDT packed with features, our plans include the free plan ($0), the starter plan ($1.99), the pro plan ($4.99), and the ultimate plan ($6.99). Of course the higher the plan the additional perks you unlock. You should know that this system was originally built elsewhere previously named “Old Overseer” and/or “Aurora CAD” and it contained many issues. After we purchased reseller permissions of the system, we resolved all of the issues making it functional, implemented new features, revamped/updated the design, enhanced the back-end workflow, and much more essentially rebirthing this new system! The Hydra Tech development team still launches updates with enhancements, and new features to ensure it’s exceeding our clientele’s growing expectations.

You can view our system, create a DEMO of any plan, ask questions, or anything else you may be concerned with and/or curious about with the links below:


Discord Invite: