Hyperlink certain words in a repeating group

Hello, is there a way in Bubble to hyperlink only certain elements in a text of a repeating group which is being generated through database info?

Yes, read up on BB Code. This’ll be used to format the link.

but can it be done through BB code if the data in the text element is being dinamically generated thorugh my preset database? Because I am not writing the data in text element itself, it is pulling it from the database

Can you screenshot an example? The answer is technically yes, but probably utilizing find&replace function to look for keywords and make those formatted as links.

do you maybe have zoom or skype so I can share screen and explain it to you faster?

I do for paid consulting. Other wise screenshots or a loom-type video and try and help here.

how much is paid consulting? per hour?

I’ll send you a private message.