I am a Super Admin and I have to confirm users account

I am a Super Admin and have to confirm users’ accounts so they can log in. Before confirmation of the super admin, they will not be able to use the website. I am trying to do this thing but cannot change the condition of another user from No to Yes in the database. Please help me, guys.

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Please suggest me the solution anyone.

Hi there, @tomarsurbhi88… given the minimal amount of information you have provided, the only thing that comes to mind is that the default privacy rule on the User data type could be getting in the way. If that is not the case, provide more details (including screenshots) about your issue, and I’m guessing someone will be able to help you out.


On the login page, I put a condition that only a user can log in when this “Login Confirm” is Yes. This is the database. In the user “Login Confirm” is a field, I have to change it to Yes.

On this page, I am showing the List of all Users. So when Super Admin clicks on this Confirmation button then has to confirm that specific user and we have to change “Login Confirm” to Yes.
But I am not able to do this last thing.
Basically, I am able to confirm only my confirmation, not for other user. What is the correct workflow for this?

It should be as simple as making changes to the parent group’s boutique’s owner, and the change to make is to set the Login Confirmed field to yes. What do you mean when you say you are not able to do it? What have you actually tried?

It sounds to me like a privacy policy rule. The user data type has a default privacy rule created by Bubble. If you still need help with this, you can book a free call with me using the following link. Appointlet

Yup… if only someone would have mentioned that already. :wink:

I use this workflow on the confirmation button.

and we have to search the user in 2nd workflow(which I don’t understand how to do) to which email id is the same as the user we want to send confirmation and then change that user’s field “Login confirm” to yes.

Surely it’s just Parent Group’ Boutique Owner’s User (or Creator, or whatever field you have linking a boutique owner to a User)…

The user’s role is the boutique owner. I can change the fields in Parent Group’ Boutique Owner’s User. but I have to change the field in the User data type.

Maybe Adam is able to understand your setup, but I’m not following it. I see you have a Boutique Owner field on the User data type, though. Can you do a search for users (first item) with a constraint where Boutique Owner = Parent group's Boutique Owner?

I can change the fields in Parent Group’ Boutique Owner’s User. but I have to change the field in the User data type.

That is the User datatype - assuming your Boutique Owner datatype has a User field (even if it’s just the Creator field)

these are the boutique owner fields

If a Boutique Owner's Creator is the user you are trying to change, then you don’t need the user field. In that case, you would change (as Adam has already said) the Parent Group's Boutique Owner's Creator. If the creator is not the user you are trying to change and that user is being stored in the user field, then change the Parent Group's Boutique Owner's user.

This is not working

If by this, you mean the back and forth in this thread, I agree. :wink:

It’s probably time to share a link to your editor so we can take a look under the hood and avoid all of these messages.

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I want to change the fields of the user because when I am allowing that Boutique owner to log in then this is the workflow.

What you are trying to do is clear… why you can’t accomplish it is not. :slight_smile:

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What does that mean?

What’s not working?.. not working in what way?

Something must be happening…

Is the workflow running (and just not updating the User correctly)?

Or does the workflow just not run at all? Have you checked the debugger and system logs to try to isolate the issue?

Or do you mean you just don’t know how to create the workflow (despite already having been given several ways to accomplish it in this thread)…

If you want any more specific help, you’ll need to be a bit more specific than just “This is not working”…