I am new and would like to make a CAD. PLEASE HELP?


I am not new to roleplaying, but I am new to Bubble and how it works, i looked up many things online hwo to, but it just doesnt work.

I have no knowledge of coding, software making, no idea how to do simple things on bubble itself. So I am wondering if anyone can show or tell me the basics on how to make a bubble CAD system?

My roleplay is struictly California based, so I am wanting to make it around that…


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No thanks…I’d like to know how to make one…

No thanks either…I’m looking to make one. I’d like to learn…

Please stop promoting your guys stuff…

Watch the bubble tutorial videos provided by bubble they are very helpful when just starting https://bubble.io/lessons

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How do we make money then? Welcome to the real world.

Theres a difference between asking how to make one VS. promoting your stuff (selling).

I am ASKING how to MAKE them, YOU are replying by SELLING/PROMOTING. I am not interested in buying anything, I am interested in LEARNING and MAKING them so I can do what you guys do.

Thats why I titled my forum; I AM NEW AND WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A CAD.

Thank you very much, I will look into it. :slight_smile:

@publicsafetyrp have deleted my comment on this post as you are right you are interested in making your own and not looking into purchasing one. If you are interested I do teach my staff how to build cads as they assist with new designs. If you are interested in that you can let me know I am sorry I havent been much help.


? Can you assist me? With building a CAD, I’m know Alot Of Stuff already