I am new to Bubble. If I use Bubble, will I be able to

If I use Bubble to create an app where the user loads a video of a tennis match, and, as the video of the match is playing (in slow motion), can click on buttons to capture what’s happening on the court (forehand winner, missed serve, etc), WILL I BE ABLE TO have all of that data TIED TO THE TIMING OF THE VIDEO? So that, for example:

-there is a short video clip (start and finish point) for each point
-another person could watch a new video file with overlays on top of the tennis match that say “forehand winner” or whatever at the appropriate timing?

Or, a similar way to ask the question: each time I click on an event button like “forehand overhead”, can I have it automatically tied to the time on the video?

thank you!

Not sure exactly how you’d accomplish that in Bubble. I’m sure you COULD (but it wouldn’t be entirely created in Bubble), but you’re already well into custom code land here with this scenario.

I really wish Bubble was called Bumble … it describes my development approach very well

“…do in a clumsy, muddled, or inefficient way…” for the non native English speakers :blush::nerd_face:

It would be possible, I think, to do this very simplistically. As above, pulling the actual timing from the video much prove tricky. But you could have a timer for sure, and the “pause workflow” might be able to show elements as they come due.