I am stuck in creating the correct database

This is a multi-tenant app where different companies can register and then add their own managers and employees.

The app focuses on horse companies.

The app includes the following features:

  • Announcements from admin or manager, also visable for employees.
  • Horse profiles
  • Task list with daily tasks. When an employee completes a task he can check off the task. This list refreshes every day at 00:00.
  • Calendar with important appointments, think vet, farrier etc.
  • Possibility to upload lists for training and treatment

I’ve been searching the internet for weeks, but I can’t get anywhere. Should I give each role a data type? And should I also give each function a data type? Every answer is worth gold to me!

Probably, noone would design your data for you. But I will give you a few tricks to proceed.

First, maybe check the concept of domain modeling: Domain Modeling: What you need to know before coding | Thoughtworks This is usually the first step to any software project (in Bubble or elsewhere). I am sure some people have other first steps but this is the most helpful.

Looking at your system. I would try to model it in the most logical way possible without thinking how Bubble would handle things (performance-wise). For example, your starting point would be a Company. Then, you can proceed asking What does a Company need to have?. It should have an admin (of type user) and employees (of type list of users). Continue like this and you will end up with some draft model. Then, start with it and you will see that some problems will arise, maybe you can’t access some data from somewhere and you need to add them. Most part of the software tends to change including this domain model.

Another good suggestion might be: start outside Bubble. Don’t dig-in Bubble immediately. Maybe sketch a little bit. Play with it etc. See the big picture before digging in Bubble.

Finally, what you can do is this: Talk to chatgpt. It will try to give you some starting point and you can prompt it to revise the design based on your preference. I just copy/pasted your text by asking I need to build a domain model for the following system. Can you give me a starting point? and here is the first result.

It may not be perfect but it will give you an idea.


@hergin couldn’t said better.

Also this video should give you lots of insights on good pratices when building your data structure

This look insanse helpful! This motivates me very much. I will look at it after work. Thanks! :grinning:

Very helpful too. Will have a look asap! Thank you very much.

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