I can build working conditions with options that aren't shown?

Hi, I was not too sure wether to post this in the Tips or Bugs section.

In a workflow, I needed a “Terminate this workflow” action to be ran only if a certain group was visible. I discovered that “is visible” and “isn’t visible” aren’t available in workflows.

So I went in the property panel of a random element and built the needed expression (say “Group A is visible”) and copy-paste it in the “Terminate this workflow” action’s condition.

To my surprise it worked, and Bubble does not raise this as an error!
What do you think?

@julienallard1 sounds like a bug. We’ll take a look

Will you block the ability to check such condition or add the option to the list?

My app depends on it right now…

@julienallard1 We are looking from a consistent behavior perspective. We will not make changes if it removes functionality for users.

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Thank you

Probably more for the Tips section :slight_smile:

It’s doable pretty much everywhere, and for many different expressions. Very useful in RepeatingGroups when you want to access the current cell’s index from a nested element.

I feel like I’m gonna spend some time trying different expressions that aren’t directly available!


I have a number of conditions that depend on it. It works charmingly, and has been for several months on my apps. If you remove this functionality please give us a heads up somehow so I can fix everything…

+1 you can change this to tips.

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