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I can use "first item", "last item" and even "item #" but how do I run through all items?

If I try from item # I get an error.

What are you trying to do? Make changes to a list?

From what I can tell from the info in your post, you’re trying to return a single record (first item/last item/item #). The from item # will return a list of records (every item from the item you specify).

If by run through you mean to process each line in a list of records, you’ll need to

  1. use the “Make changes on a list” function (if you’re making the same change to all of them)
  2. use a Recursive Workflow in the back-end (if you want to process a workflow on each item)
  3. use a plugin like List Shifter to do the same on the page (instead of the back-end). Note that this can produce some visible processing behavior (Bubble’s loading bar coming and going)

I believe you can now use “each item” as well. It is fairly situational, but if (for example) you wanted to add up a numeric field FOR EACH item in a list. You can now do something like items: for each item’s number:sum

The list is a list of dates where I want to add 7 days to each item on the list

this looks like you want to do a backendworkflow that uses “schedules an api workflow”,
that is recursive.

for each thing

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Hmm, I think I am getting it, but none of what I am doing is working… any chance you could help?

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Do a search for Dates:each item’s date: plus days: 7

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