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I can't display the list of tags of each product in a repeating group

hi I am very new to Bubble and I have a problem I want to display the tags of this specific product in this repeating group but it doesn’t work I am tired of searching for solutions online this is how I set up my database and performed the search to display it after setting the repeating group type of content to product

and no matter what I do the result is always like this

please if you are going to answer this make your answer as simple as possible for me to understand it

There is debugging toolbar at the bottom when you preview your page that can help you to find the cause. Click inspect and find your repeatinggroup in the list to see if there is a problem with its datasource or layout of the repeatinggroup itself.

If you see that it’s viisble, has items and is not of zero size, then proceed to child elements to see if there are any problems.

Hope this helps.

I don’t even know the right way to display the list of tags in the repeating group when I tried to use the debugging tool it showed me that the repeating group is empty so I changed a little bit in the database I add a field in the product data type still doesn’t work but got a different message from the debugging tool

it’s very frustrating for me I have been stuck in this step for days

I don’t know if it’s important, but in the screenshot above you’re showing data for the page itself. You need to select your repeating group in the field I’ve marked to see if its items empty.

A tag is usually a shareable object so one tag may be related to many products. For this reason, it is reasonable to have tags field in the Product thing as a list of Tags. Then when you display tags for a product you use “current cell’s Product’s tags” as a source for your repeating group. For testing purposes, you can add tags from database console:

  1. Find tags you want to add and copy their unique ids to notepad.
  2. Find product thing you want those tags to be added to.
  3. Edit the product thing and enter tag’s unique ids in the field “tags” pressing “add” each time.

Of course this is not the only way to implement tags, it all depends on your use case which is not completely clear to me, so it’s just my guess this approach would be optimal based on what you’ve disclosed here.