I created a shopping site exclusively for employees

I created a shopping site exclusively for employees.

My company offers all employees the option to purchase up to 10 pieces for free a year.

In a year, whether someone buys three or ten, after a year,
We offer the option to purchase up to 10 pieces again.
I’m looking for a way to reset all employee’s purchase options every year.
I’m looking for a way to offer up to 10 options to all employees once a year.
Regardless of the history you purchased in the past, the option should start anew.


so every user when created by the signup workflow or when clicking purchase on the first item triggers a recurring event (a backendworkflow, which can be unlocked by paying for bubble and going to settings then api to click the box)
this recurring event recurrs yearly. and clears their “list of purchased items” [requires in database a new type of thing called items and a field, a list of things [items] underneath user.

whenever a user buys an item and has the funds, the item is added to their list of purchased items.
they cannot click buy if current users list of items greater than 10.

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Thank you, but I don’t know how to use Trigger yet. Can I ask you to explain it in detail?


so on recurinng events I have a tutorial here: Bubble Tutorial: Recurring Events & Email newsletters - YouTube

or also schedule api workflow works too Bubble.io Tutorial: Self-Deleting Posts like Instagram Stories - YouTube

scheduling custom events as suggested above is for things with delays of seconds not for things that happen in months- years as far as i know

thanks a lot…