I’d like to purchase the current DOJRP CAD fully coded

Hello, I’d like to purchase the fully coded and fully working DOJRP current CAD/MDT. The whole FiveM integration is not needed. I’d like to have a one time payment for it and it be fully mine afterwards. I want a legit CAD company to help me out and not some rip off company’s. I’d really appreciate if this order could be completed. I’m tired of seeing all the “look a like” dojrp cads let’s be honest the fonts and background are the only thing that makes it a look a like. I’d also like to see the product before I spend any kind of money on it. Rather it be a demo or anything really.

The easiest way to contact me is by emailing me - [email protected]
Or by messaging me on discord - CoffeeLight5354#5253

I wish you well with finding a company that’s not a rip off. They seem to be a dime a dozen here.

Look for one that has a website, not just a discord server. Google the website and see how long they have been a registered site. If their site has been up only a short time, avoid them.

Make sure they have a fully functioning demo, a feedback section to see what others have said and also make sure they communicate with you easily. Seems a lot of companies here are happy to advertise but they ignore questions you may have about their products.

I got tired of the companies advertised here so now I’m learning to make my own CAD. It’s time consuming but I’m saving money and won’t get ripped off. You might want to consider doing the same. There are some good YouTube tutorials.



Hello CoffeeLight5354,
Mercury has a great amount of cad and great prices our lowest price is $3.50 and the max is $13 and we only do reseller cads and we do lost of sales and giveaways sometimes so if you would like to join here is our link.