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I DONT GET IT....TAGs not working (add/remove list)

Hi Guys,

I dont get it…I am working on a function to add tags to a thing/conversation. And it is not working. It seems easy but I dont know what I am doing wrong

What I am trying to achieve:

  1. I have a masterlist of tags. This masterlist of tags will be displayed in a repeating group. A user can add tags to that masterlist but cannot remove tags.

  2. A user can click on one of the tags and by that copy that tag to a/his specific list of tags. The original tag will disappear (VISUALLY) from that list/repeating group but it will not be deleted from the masterlist.

  3. That list of specific tags is now displayed in a second specific repeating group.

  4. If a user now decides differently and wants to remove that tag from his list he clicks on the tag in his repeating group. The tag will be removed from his specific list and will again appear in the masterlist.

Steps 1-3 are already working. But I cannot get step 4 to work. And i dont understand why.

What I have:

  1. Type: Tag. With field BODY (For text)
  2. Type = Taglist = List of tags (the masterlist)
  3. Type = Conversation. Has a thing called taglist = list of personal tags

I build this in the forumapp. Can somebody PLEASE help?

Thank you guys so much…

so…2min later I think I have it…

TO ME this does not make any sense…“list to change” Search for Conversatins (my thing)…really if you call that part “LIST to change” what I am going to do is select the LIST within (in my case it is the LIST of TAGS) my thing and not the thing itself…???

What’s confusing you here is that a change thing or a change list of things action changes a “thing”, but then what you modify is the field. So if the field is a list, you will add/remove something, but the logic is still the same:

  • to change -> thing
  • modification of a field.