I have marketplace listings and would like to feature one based on a unique id I saved in another data type

Above my RG of marketplace listings, I want to feature one listing. I created a datatype “home-featured” and in my admin I saved one listing unique id in the “id” field.

On the home page “featured group” data source, I do a search for “listings” and I am trying to filter by the unique id (first item) saved in “home-featured” datatype but I just can’t seem to get the syntax correct.

Could someone let me know where I am messing up or if I am going about this the wrong way. Thanks

Data type: Listing
Do a search for listings….where the unique Id is……do a search for home-featured uniqueid:first item

Hope that’s the answer!

(If not, you could add a “featured” yes/no data to the listings, then have it search for listings where featured is “yes”:first item)

Thanks, I have tried that but i’m getting that bad red text.

I added :firstimage in the red part, so im getting closer

Yes, that was it, they both need to have :firstitem - Thanks!

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