I installed a template Fiver and need some help to link user

Link User Table - Freelancer Table to create a Profile Page Update

I am new on bubble installed a fiver template and started to update it for my own purpose
Currently have a table
user : email, name, user_type
freelancer : user , headline etc…

When i create user and freelancer i create email to make the link as user

I am creating a page Setting freelancer but i can t load and update any data to freelancer table
I create the page TYPE content Freelancer and can see the field on display input

While i check on Preview

thanks for your help

Does the datatype freelancer have privacy rules blocking it from showing?

Thanks for answering

this is current privacy setting

Turn on ?debug_mode=true and inspect the input, send a screenshot of what the inspector is showing.

nice tips - it look like it s not making the link to the initial user - hence can t read then freelancer profile :frowning: - but i don t understand why - because the user is sign in

What is the data type on that page, that information is not pulling the current user

I put Freelancer because this the only way for me to see the field freelancer headline

I don t know if it s possible to show on the same page

Freelancer data and user data where the link is the user id

Looks like from the other screenshot it’s just using filler data are you actually visiting a freelancer page with active data.

Could just setup a button and go to page while including freelancer data’s first item and see if it loads then?

Finally went to another template to another much more better thanks for your help

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