I just added 2 SAAS templates to the Bubble marketplace 🎉

Hey Bubble!

I just added two templates to the Bubble marketplace that can both be used as a SAAS app.

Please let me know what you think!

Knowledge base app $99

Form builder app $99

All the best,


When I try to take your form builder for a spin I get redirected to : https://bubble.io/domain_not_supported?domain=answer.by

Thanks I’ll fix it now :slight_smile:

Really nice work well done, although on the KB app the sign up the One moment…
We’re setting up your account popup doesn’t ever disappear unless I page refresh.

Also the live preview of the help page doesn’t work. But overall really stunning work.

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Bugs are fixed :wink:

Are you sure?

I have cleared my cache and tried more than one device… problem still exists for me on both.

Yes, I was sure but forgot exactly those 2 links if you pressed the other color option it would have worked hhaha… fixed it now on all links :smiley:

Problem was the link wasn’t correct so now changed it to:

So it’s always the right link now also if someone else uses the template and has a different app url.

Thanks a lot Saun for the testing and pointing out the bugs!

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Purchased… looking forward to having a deep dive :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the support Shaun!

Was looking at the form builder but get this error when creating a form https://bubble.io/domain_not_supported?domain=answer.by

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Sorry for the late reply! Fixing it now :slight_smile:

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