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I keep getting "version-live" in the url?

when I send an email/notification, I include a link that takes the url from dinamyc data, and the base url (the url of the app) with Website home url thing. When the email is triggered from the live version the url has “version-live” in it, and I def don’t want that there since it makes the url not clean at all. (eg. Any help?

@bubble_ls do you see “version-live” in the url when you are sending the email?

Reviving this.

I’ve just emailed Bubble’s support about it, but I want to check with the community as well if this is a bug or supposed to work this way.

Have the dynamic links generated using Website home URL always had /version-live/ on Live? (Them having /version-test/ on Test totally makes sense - this doesn’t really.)

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Okay, I think I figured out what the issue was.

If you dynamically generate a link while using the live version of your app on instead of just, you’re going to get /version-live/ in the link. If you do it while using the app on, it’ll generate a clean link.

@bubble_ls, please let me know if that solved the problem for you.

Thanks, it’s work! :partying_face:

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You are welcome! :slight_smile:

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