I’m happy to announce Sharehobbys made with Bubble

I’m happy to announce you our new social platform ShareHobbys!

ShareHobbys is a platform which allow people to share their hobbies with others in total freedom all over the world!

Our mission is to take people out of their boring routine, allowing them to meet people by doing what they love together.

ShareHobbys has been created for everyone, it’s simple and intuitive; with just a few steps every user, private or business, can create an event for themselves and for others.

Any user on the platform can participate to every event on the map and then leaving a feedback to the organizer, once the event is over.

This will allow future participants of other events created by this organizer, to previously learn about the experiences of others.

You can access the website here: www.sharehobbys.com

Android google play: sharehobbys

Feel free to create an account even if you want only to try it!

We wouldn’t be able to create such a platform without Bubble, which has been fantastic so far.

Please feel free to ask anything or comment on the email address: info@sharehobbys.com


Congrats Matteo! A question for you - how did you get the menu bar to stick at the bottom?

Thank you! It’s a floating group the float bottom.

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It is a really nice platform and the website is beautiful.
There are some functions I would like to add in my website which are the same as yours. Can I ask how long did it take to build the website and and how much you have to invest in ?

Thank you! It took me 1 year to project and develop Sharehobbys, more than money i invested my time.

The site is looking great!

Hey @MatteoB

Nice one!

Quick question if you don’t mind me asking, what route/method did you decide upon when publishing to the Android store? Webview or Native? or did you use an external service to sort adding as an app e.g. CoBubble?


Thank you!

Thank you! Well we first tested the website as it is on browser and mobile browser. Then we bought a precoded tool for webview, we just needed to insert the url, and fix something like pull to refresh.

Yeah works well for a web view app. Just curious are you planning to go on the Apple store as well?

I assume you’ve had to have the app as one page on Bubble, that uses custom states to hide/show groups right?

Well it will take time for the apple store we are working on it to get it accepted…
Yes there is a lot of work for the hide/show etc.

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