I made a little recursive mistake now I'm expected to pay for it?

I made a little recursive mistake because I’m not a programmer. I was just trying o make a simple backend recursive workflow to dynamically set the lowest price. If anyone would be willing to help me create the workflow to take several different prices and make the lowest price that’s in stock the current price for the product. Please let me know.

:poop: bummer


Bad programming does come with costs. It’s not just a Bubble thing. You can rack up high costs even on a full stack you own and manage. Actually it’s even more probable since now you have multiple stacks to f**k up.

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what bubble should do is have a per workflow WU limit set on default (and that can be changed) so not more than e.g. 100k WU are consumed if you start.

Something like that should NOT be on by default.

Do you think I used up $100 dollars in computing power on a simple mistake?



It’s in your post title, “I made a simple recursive mistake now I’m expected to pay for it?”

Not too long ago someone broke the internet because they changed a line of code on a package that is used by many professional coders around the world for years.

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You can reach out to [email protected] if you make a mistake with a recursive call and they should give you those WUs back

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Not the same thing @ihsanzainal84. Respect you as a Bubbler and best-tester-of-my-plugins, but with Bubble marking up AWS costs the way they are (up to tens of thousands of times and beyond), the actual costs of the OP’s boo boo would be somewhere between 10 cents and 0.23 cents.

It’s not ALL negative. The markup on outbound API calls is no longer ridiculous (though it is still in “obscene” territory) as I’ve discovered while making certain (wholly unneeded) optimizations in one of my apps. What’s eating up WU is the scheduling of backend workflows (many of which just terminate without doing anything but the charge is the charge).

I’ll share more about this in the future.


You’re right @keith, I should have worded it better since OP says they are a beginner and should have proposed for them to reach out to support. Guess I’m a little jaded.

Just wanted to point out that a bad recursive workflow can add up and that it’s a problem that occurs in coding in general.

@mack2580 like @johnny mentioned, you should reach out to Bubble support if you believe that it was a mistake that you’ve rectified. They already officially stated that they will help builders in these kinds of scenarios.

Precisely. Because it literally costs little to “help” in that capacity. (I mean, the human capital costs are high, but what was consumed on the compute side was very little. So this works for small numbers of such cases. Personally, I’d think about the costs of support resources differently, which is primarily why List Shifter has been moved to a paid plugin collection. It costs me money and time to support and this cannot be free-ish anymore.)


I liked to add something I tried to manually cancel & pause task it via the scheduler many times within the first two minutes when I noticed it wasn’t doing what I wanted and it just kept running. Two @ihsanzainal84 can you help me with this simple recursive problem? As you seem to know how to fix it

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