I need 2 inputs to show in a repeating group

I am working on a FAQ function. I want it to stop displaying the first items from the database. Is there any way I can just receive blank data.

Also, if I don’t display data the 2 input elements won’t display

If your’e always going to want to exclude the first item in this list, you can set the data source of the repeating group as
Parent Group's Resource's.....'s Question Answers: minus item: Parent Group's Resource's.....'s Question Answers:first item

If you want to display blank data in the first item, you can set a condition on the texts in the repeating group.

When: Current Cell’s index is 1
Property to change: this element is not visible
This will show an empty text area only for the first cell

Hope this helps. Cheers,

Ranjit | Blur Apps

Thank you for the response. @blurapps

I would just like to display 2 empty inputs but every time I preview it shows me recent data that was already submitted. Is there any way to just display empty inputs ready to fill in new information

To display blank data, I still need the input element available to submit data

Maybe you’re not clearing the relevant inputs in your submit workflow. There’s an action called ‘clear relevant inputs’ which you can add there.

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