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I need a bigger box!

@emmanuel Is there any way you could make the destination box larger please ?

I am trying to put a fairly complex API call in there (more on this soon) and it is really hard as it is.

Had been trying to do the API call from the API Connector, but it is a JSONP/Callback/Redirect thingy. I am not quite sure I understand it !

And bubble doesn’t really like it … although it does actually work in the background !

If you would rather allow whatever is happening here, which I think is an API call that does a redirect … then that would be good too. It just doesn’t return any data until it returns the OAUTH token/code to a callback page.

So if you dismiss the bubble error, you get the Auth0 dialog box over the top of the Bubble Editor !

However I can’t then use this API call as Bubble didn’t get data back.

It is the AUTH0 call on this page…

Sorry, this is all a bit experimental…but I do seem to be able to do OAUTH social login fairly easily using AUTH0.


I’ll push the bigger box in a few min.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Actually later today is more likely.

No problem, I need to go back and try to understand some of the OAUTH stuff anyway.