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I need a Bubble coach

Hi. I have a working product for my business but I want to add a few more features based on user feedback.

I need the help of an experienced Bubble developer or coach that I can pay to help me. The person will not be building the app for me but I want access to someone that can be there to answer my questions and help if and when I feel stuck.

If you might be interested, please let’s talk.

Thanks so much.

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Hi there, @BeeBayLearnDev111… I’m sure you will get a good number of responses here (there are plenty of folks promoting their coaching services these days), but in the meantime, it can’t hurt to check out Bubble’s own coaching page.


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I’ve been building apps on Bubble for about 3+ years and have a very good understanding of everything bubble. I’m also a fullstack developer. Would love to coach you!

Let’s get on a call, I’ll show you around some of my published and upcoming bubble projects that I’m working on. Please use think this to schedule a call -

Hey @BeeBayLearnDev111 ,

For such situations I have made the product " 1 to 1 Async Bubble Mentoring"

You can checkout more details here-

Hello @BeeBayLearnDev111

This is another alternative by a bunch of very knowledgeable Bubblers :smiley: @eli @pablo.heredia @fivemeasures

Hey @BeeBayLearnDev111 :wave:

Most of the time I’m pretty booked, like most coaches I’m sure. I would be happy to help if you can find time in my schedule that fits your schedule. You can try on Monday afternoon to see when the new schedule is released, it’s a two week rolling schedule.

Also, the Bubble coaching page is a great way to grab a coach too. They now display their typical schedule on the page so you can see when they might be available.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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