I need a cad/mdt but can i get it for free

I needed a nice cad for my roleplay community but for free because i dont have any money:( if you can do that for me please help me out

Have you ever wanted a free CAD for FiveM RP communities?
Well today you can get one for free www.arcticscad.com
If you need any help please visit our discord: https://discord.gg/TaNYpYY

Features include:
-Fire/EMS/Highway/Sheriff/Dispatch/Civilian departments
-Admin department locks
-Create multiple communities
-Manage your users access
-Community chat rooms
-Community management (Calender)
-community lobby
-Ban/Strike system
-Panic buttons
-Dispatch module
-Interactive phone for civs for calling 911
-Interactive laptop for civs and registering vehicles
-Create multiple profiles

We also have a discord community for updates on the CAD as well as a place to request support and make suggestions. Link is on CAD homepage.

Hello i am Ben M from hawk tech if you would like a cad/mdt join our discord we have a paid and free cad here is our link Hawk is a newly opened company we try and deliver the highest quality of cads/ mdts if you want one join our discord https://discord.gg/NRhdrAc 2 it is also we make logos and websites if you would like one join our discord