I need a CAD/MDT for a GTA V RP

I am looking for a CAD/MDT for my roleplay server, but I don’t have any money. And all of the CADs that I have found cost money. If anybody is willing send me the CAD/MDT that Polecat324 uses in DOJ, thank you SO MUCH! My email is: [email protected]

 I am getting tired of using DCRScad because it doesn’t have a vehicle model/make/year box, so this is why I am trying to find a CAD that does.

You are not going to get one for free.

Thank you. I am stuck on a screen that says “Waiting for admin approval,” I have absolutely NO idea what to do.

This is what I see.

Thank you so much. I’ll be honest, I can’t add any vehicle information, etc.

My company sells a “DOJ Like” CAD + MDT system for only US$10.00 !!
Join our discord for sale information https://discord.gg/MB6Pnjx Come hack us out :wink:

Uh, and what exactly do you mean by “hack us out”? That is the most confusing thing I’ve heard all day.

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